Classes - Building Scrolls without a Book of Hours

I've taught this class at Atlantian University and Pennsic, multiple times in fact, and each time I do I get very strong reactions.  Once I got the feedback that "how dare I not put the calligraphy first!"... once I was asked why bother when it's so easy to do a book of hours page.  Those reasons, and many others, are the reason I put this class together.

From what I've observed, there are two camps when it comes to making a scroll - the Calligraphers who illuminate, and the Illuminators who do calligraphy. There are those who are masters at both - we call them Laurels. Even within the circle of masters though, I find that they are still better at one over the other. I like that - it gives the rest of us hope.

I fall into the category of Illuminators who do calligraphy. I know two hands well enough to be passable, but illumination is still my first passion.

This class was born of a desire for more original artwork based scrolls. To my mind, we are artists creating beautiful works for the recipients to show off in their homes. We should take that challenge seriously and create using the wealth of art in the medieval world as our inspiration.

The PDF attached here Building Scrolls without a Book of Hours is the presentation that I used when I taught this at Voyages of Discovery in the East Kingdom. It's very similar to the non-digital presentation I give at Pennsic.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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