Wednesday, July 15, 2015

There are times you get to see the presentation

Which, honestly, is not often these days. I have, in the past, painted only backlog scrolls and while I enjoy it a great deal, I don't get to see the look on the recipient's face when the scroll is presented in Court.

Recently I've started painting current assignment scrolls - I'm enjoying it more and more each day! While I was actually at Great Northeastern War, I wasn't able to get to Court (any of them actually) because of other schedule conflicts. I painted and did the calligraphy for an AoA - I'll admit, I love doing AoA scrolls.

Sometimes an AoA is the only award someone will get - it is, at least, the first scroll they'll get. I like to make them special - I know the tears in my own eyes when I noticed the thistles on my AoA scroll because the scribe knew me personally. I want the person I'm painting for to get that feeling too.

So, here are the images - the scroll I did for a very deserving Lady of Malagentia.
gouache and gold on bristol 

Her Majesty Etheldreda presenting the scroll to the populace, photo courtesy of Brendan Crane

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