Thursday, August 27, 2015

An Award of Arms

I really love doing Award of Arms scrolls.  This is the first scroll people receive in the SCA, and it's often the one they think most fondly on - it's certainly one of their favorite stories to tell.

I've done a few of these over the years, and I try to make them all special, although that's not always possible when you don't know the person. Sometimes I just try a style that is new to me instead. 

Often I work very small - my scrolls when I started were no more than a 5x7 sheet of paper, making the scroll itself very small! I've gotten larger over the years. This one is 8x11. ;)  There is a little more space around the scroll itself than the image shows - I'm trying to get better about matting space... that's a particular trouble spot of mine.

I got to see this scroll awarded in court, although the gentle wasn't present to receive it.  Their Baron and Baroness graciously are going to carry it home and present it there in her home Barony - it was wonderful to meet someone who knows the person and can pass on to her my congratulations.

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