Friday, June 10, 2016

Finding a passion

I've painted a fair number of styles of scrolls, mostly because I wanted to know what I really loved painting and what I really didn't love painting.

I've found a style that I completely enjoyed and it's glorious. Flemish, in the style of the Master of Mary of Burgundy Book of Hours, or the Spinola Hours (also affectionately called "squashed bug" in the scribal community) was the inspiration for my most recent scroll...

I didn't know I'd have so much fun painting this scroll. It was amazing! I loved the detail, I loved the style, I loved the colors, it was all so fun! Each little pane was a new challenge, a new little story to paint and moving around like that, from detail to detail, was the sort of creation I want out of scroll making.

Additionally, a HUGE thank you to the calligraphers in my life- I am for once really happy with how the calligraphy on this scroll looks and it's all because of you guys and your excellent instruction. seriously - thank you!!

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