Thursday, June 16, 2016

Flemish for a Silver Wheel

My latest scroll, influenced by the Spinola Hours:
gouache on perg

I took some liberties with color choices, mostly because I chose not to paint in the background on the panes. In the original the branches are much lighter in color - I tried this on a test piece of perg and decided that a deeper color would give the border effect I was going for. I found reference images in the Master of Mary of Burgundy Hours that supported deeper color branches and pulled inspiration from there for some of the bugs as well.

While the style of the branches and flowers are similar to the original, I also took artistic license and did not copy all the elements exactly.

The panes with thread and bowls of food are reflective of the recipients likes. Additionally, all the plants represented on the scroll, as well as all the bugs, can be found on the Scottish island of Rona.

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